Google ImageCreative entrepreneurs or those seeking refuge on an island within a few miles of work or home should take note of this property which is often referred to as "Rabbit Island."

The owner of the 295+ acres is open to selling a portion of the island to those interested in exploring the numerous possibilities to enhance the enjoyment of water, recreation, and family activities in the Lake Area.

Consider this water frontage:


  • North side, along the ship channel 
  • East side of the Island, along Prien Lake
  • South side
  • West side
  • The majority of the property is subject to a dumping/spoil agreement.

Like any business opportunity, capital improvments and equipment purchases would be required and logistics addressed. On the East side of the island, a protected cove offers an area that could be dedicated as a temporary holding area for boats. Of course, floating piers could also be utilized to house jet skis, kayaks, and canoes for rental to the public.

Ship ChannelThe ridge noted within the image is a dike that contains dredge spoil per a perpetual dumping agreement with the Lake Charles Harbor and Terminal District. 

Besides the obvious water related activities that could be based off this portion of Rabbit Island,  the potential for recreational use of the land is deserving of the attention of creative entrepeneurs, ideally combined with a water taxi enterprise that could allow non-boaters an opportunity to discover SWLA waterways.  By creating a beach-like setting, there is an abundance of space to create sports courts for recreational and family activities such as:

  • West side of Rabbit Island (see Google Map for property available)Beach volleyball, badminton, and team sports suitable for a beach setting 
  • Picnic areas
  • Treasure hunts

An island based offering of food and beverages could cater to on-shore customers or boaters as would discretely located portable toilets.

Water based activities include:

  • Kayaking
  • Canoeing
  • Paddle boarding
  • Jet Skiing
  • Sailing

With the popularity of physical endurance and performance activies such as Crossfit, Ironman, and others, coupled with the proximity to Prien Lake Park and the Casinos, the Island could be a venue for local and regional competition.

From concerts to kareoke, this property also offers a unique entertainment venue especially if combined with a water-taxi service.

By smartly building (or moving) an on-site portable storage building with battery powered security, items such as quiet generators and other equipment can be stored.

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