Swanson and W. Prien, 2 acres


This valuable 2.1 acre, corner property is strategically located between Nelson Road and the Cove Lane traffic circle and is less than 1,000 feet from Nelson Road and the Nelson Road commercial overlay district.

This link to a Google Map shows the proximity of this property to the casinos/resorts, retail, restaurants, the commercial and medical community as well as I-210. The 2.1-acre portion is highlighted in yellow with other properties that are available highlighted in red.  

Due to a joint effort by the forward-thinking owners and neighbors on W. Prien Lake Rd and Swanson, this property can be purchased as shown in the image to the left or combined with the property to the North .911 acres) (for approximately 3 acres.

For a more interactive map of this 2-acre parcel, click here. Click on the image or this link for a custom brochure with additional photos as well as a map indicating nearby retail, restaurants, and financial institutions.

This property is on the NE corner of W. Prien Lake Rd and Swanson Lane.  A Corp of Engineers wetland jurisdictional determination for the wooded portion along W. Prien Lake Road has been achieved.

The current house can be utilized as an office or for any of the varied uses allowed within Calcasieu Parishes C2 zoning classification. Or, it can be torn down to make way for a new facility.

Swanson Place is the working name for the unified effort of the participating property owners.